how to create slideshow in windows movie maker

how to create slideshow in windows movie maker A slideshow is a great way to share your best photos and videos with friends and family. Rather than locking them in a dark room with you, create a digital slideshow that you can email or share on social media.

In this guide we show you how to make dynamic picture or video slideshows using the free tool Windows Movie Maker.

Last month I created a slide show for a friend at work. Her daughter was turning nine years old and my friend wanted to show the video at her daughter’s birthday party.

I spent about one evening creating this presentation using the pictures that she gave me and some music I already had. However, I tried to tell her what I am going to tell you, anyone can produce their own slide show.

You might be thinking what she thought, “I don’t have the software on my computer to make slide shows.”

While this may be true for the minority, most people actually do have a program capable of creating a slide show.

If you have a newer version of Windows, than you will likely have a program called Windows Movie Maker.

You can easily check your computer to see if you have this program by clicking on the start button, all programs, and searching for Windows Movie Maker.

I will make a slideshow using pictures of my cats and explain each part of the process.

Before beginning, please have these items prepared.

-Make sure computer or laptop is using Windows 10

-A computer mouse (recommended)

-A file already setup with the pictures to be used in the slideshow

Windows Movie Maker has long been one of the best video editors for Windows. Often used to make simple movies, Movie Maker is also an exceptional picture slideshow creator. With Windows Movie Maker 12, it is now easier than ever to create crisp and professional looking videos and picture slideshows.

This is the program I will be using to explain how to create a slide show; however you can also use similar programs. In addition to this program, you will also need some music, and pictures. If you want to put your slide show on DVD, than you will also need a DVD burner and DVD’s.

Now, the first thing you will need to do is gather your pictures and enter them into the computer. If you have them on the computer already than you are one step ahead; however if you don’t you will need them either in digital format or you will require a photo scanner. In order to use your music you will need to either rip the music from a CD or have the audio file already on your computer. It is the same concept as with the pictures.

Now, it is time to open your Movie Maker program and import all of your supporting files. This is done by navigating the Windows Movie Maker program and clicking to open the program. You should begin your project by giving it a name. You can do this by clicking on File and than on Save Project As. You can than type the project name where it says File Name.

When you open the program you will notice that the screen has four panes. The first pane on the left of your screen is a sort of tool bar. The middle pane is where you can view your imported media, slide show transitions, or slide show effects.

Last thing to do is add a title to the slideshow which is at the top in the same area where “add videos and photos” is. . When adding a title be sure the first picture is selected when you click the title option so the title will go before everything else. After adding some text into the title box the slideshow is ready to watch!

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